Mission Heart has blessed me in many ways.  I have begun to build a relationship with God.  I am realizing I have a purpose in life.  I’ve made bonds with the ladies of Mission Heart.  I am learning to live life on life’s terms, in both the good times and the bad.  I will be forever grateful and blessed.

– April

Mission Heart changed my life. When I got here I was not only materially and physically broke, I was spiritually broke. I was hopeless. Mission Heart gave me hope. The women loved me and supported me as I grew to love myself and build a relationship with God. When the tragedy of my son’s death from addiction knocked me to my knees, the women of Mission Heart surrounded me with love and support. I know God has me at Mission Heart during this difficult time for a reason and I will forever be grateful for the love and support the women here continue to show me.

– Kim


Mission Heart is my gift from God and here’s why. When I first entered Mission Heart drugs were no longer the source of my problem. The truth is I did not know how to function in the world around me at all. Burnt bridges from family to everything in my past were completely destroyed.  The only bridge and road for my new journey was God and Mission Heart and the wonderful people who were there to welcome me. Mission Heart has allowed me the chance to completely recover in every aspect of my mind and life. They loved me when I was unlovable.  That is a true heart for Jesus. They saw in me what I could not yet see in myself. I’m still residing here and today [21months sober )I’m a very productive, God fearing woman, functioning in society, helping others AND LOVING & LIVING LIFE! Every aspect of my life is being restored because God placed me in Mission Heart with people who truly care! It also gave me all the tools I needed for my recovery and spiritually. The rest was up to me.  I love you Mission Heart and I will be forever grateful and a part of this place forever and always! (DeeBee, Papa Doug, Krystal, Amanda, Chasity and all my sobriety sisters Such love and Gratitude… I look forward to all of you sharing in all the restorations in my life and you know them all!) God’s Mighty Hand upon all of us! Shout out to Pastor Russ & Sister Stephanie at Acacia Church Thanks for being a shepherd to the Mission Heart flock!

– Connie

When I first arrived at Mission Heart I was lost and hopeless. It didn’t take long, with the love and support from the girls, I began to find my hope again. I found a whole new family.

– Paige

Mission Heart has helped me accomplish continuous sobriety. It has helped me form a better relationship with my family. I’ve made wonderful friends.  I have overcome my fears and have a wonderful relationship with God.

– Shelley


My journey with Mission Heart began November 22, 2014. My life changed forever that day. I made a decision months before that I was finally ready to give something new a try. Nothing I had tried on my own was working. I craved a connection with other women. I knew Mission Heart could provide me safety and guidance. I have learned over the last several months that spirituality, faith and fellowship with other women are vital to my sobriety. Without the help of Mission Heart I would still be lost. Today I am free to live the life I have always wanted. I have reunited with family and friends I once thought lost to me forever.  I have become a productive member of society, including promotions at work. I am willing to be the mother my children need and deserve. I hold my head high and am proud of whom I have become.

– Laura


Mission heart has saved my life. When I came to mission heart I was completely broken. My family wanted nothing to do with me. Since I have been at mission heart God has restored my relationship with my family and I got to spend the holidays with my daughter. Thanks to mission heart I have learned how to live again.

– Hannah


I have been at Mission Heart for 17 months. This place has literally saved my life. I totally bucked everything when i first got here, but some very special ladies worked with me and i love them all for helping save me.

– Heather


I could never completely describe what Mission Heart has done for me and my family. When I arrived at Mission Heart, I believed that I would never get sober and was on my last attempt. But within a short time, I felt that an amazing transformation was within my heart and soul. I began to build a relationship with God and live in God’s will for me as best I could. I’ve had very short periods of sobriety before but never felt the genuine happiness and peace that I feel everyday now. I am forever grateful for Mission Heart and all the ladies who make my recovery possible.

– Amy


Mission Heart has been a very positive experience for me. Coming in, I thought my age would make a difference but it doesn’t because the Lord is no respecter of persons.
Because of Mission Heart my relationship with the Lord is greater. My journey is greater and I do have goals because of Mission Heart.

– Brenda


When I got to Mission Heart I was completely broken-physically, materialistically, but most of all spiritually. I had successfully ruined every important relationship and tore down everything that meant anything in my life. I was hopeless. When I finally decided I had been beat down long enough I reached out to Mission Heart. These women embraced me and loved me when I couldn’t even love myself. Since I have been here I’ve been active in AA, and also stay connected with our church. I have regained a relationship with God, which has allowed relationships with my loved ones to be restored. Not only that, My son and I have gained a whole new family! Through all of the support and encouragement, along with spiritual guidance, I’ve learned to live again. I’ve never been happier and felt more fulfilled and at peace in my entire life. I am eternally grateful for Mission Heart and all they have done for me.

– Jessica

Due to my addiction, nine months ago, my life was hopeless and empty.  I had lost my relationship with my family and children and was homeless. I had nowhere to go. God delivered me into the living arms of the women at Mission Heart. Today, I can say that I am truly happy and my life is filled love and joy. My relationship with my family has been restored, and my children are now back in my life.

– Jennifer


When I arrived at Mission Heart I was completely hopeless and out of options. Drugs and alcohol had destroyed everything in my life and ripped apart my family. I had no friends and wasn’t pleasant to be around. I also had no faith or conception of God whatsoever. Mission Heart has changed everything in my life. I am now a functioning member of society, have made lifelong friends, and am reunited with my family. My relationship with God is stronger than I could ever imagine. Mission Heart has literally changed and saved my life and I will be forever grateful.

– Lisa


Before coming to Mission Heart, I was struggling to figure out who I was as well as my purpose in life. I had battled with the disease of addiction for far too long and felt truly hopeless. I ruined relationships, destroyed trust, and felt alone in the lie I was living. I knew I couldn’t continue my life that way, but I had no idea how I could change.

Today, I thank God for bringing me to Mission Heart, where I was able to begin making that change I longed for. In a community full of supportive women who have had similar experiences to mine, I was shown what it means to seek, trust, and depend on God in order to live happily each day. I will forever be grateful for Mission Heart and the amazing change and restoration it has brought to my life!

– Jamie


About a year ago I was introduced to mission heart. Before arriving here my story turned down a dark road of addiction. The disease of alcoholism had me in its grip and I was hopeless and felt no way out. I  had no idea how to live a happy life without drugs and alcohol  until I was introduced to the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous and the loving family of Mission heart. The community, support, and unconditional love of Mission heart and all the women here has pulled me out of the pit of despair I once was in. It has restored many things in my life but most importantly my peace. They have shown me a life that puts God and others first. I will be forever grateful for my family here.

– Victoria


Mission Heart helped me build a relationship with God. What more could a person want? When you’re used to seeing broken people, unchanging patterns, unstable environments; you probably think, “this is who I am.” That’s a lie. Mission Heart and my Jesus have shown me time and time again that I am not who I used to be. Today I walk with my head held high because I know who goes before me. There are miracles all around me today. So many women here at Mission Heart are living proof that women can recover. I’m eternally grateful for this foundation and what Mission Heart stands for. Without it, who knows where I would be?

– Taila