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Eight students were chosen as recipients of the 2018 Louisiana Young Heroes Award. This award celebrates the achievements of students who have inspired those around them and devoted their time and talents toward making their schools, churches, and communities better places. One of these award-winners is Garrett Byrne, a 17- year old senior at the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and Arts in Natchitoches. Garrett and his sister went to live with their grandparents in 2011 when both parents were arrested on drug charges. Garett immersed himself in music, becoming proficient on trombone. Because of his experiences having formerly drug-addicted parents, Garett volunteers to help others with addictions. He and musician friends have played music at a treatment center; he helps serve food at Mission Heart, a sober living house; and he has helped write grants to keep Mission Heart running. Garett is a gifted student and vocalist and has been offered a music scholarship at LSU.

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