About the Program

Mission Heart is a safe, loving, and life changing place–the perfect place to start your journey back into society.  Mission Heart is a group of women who are self-governing with on-site and off-site leadership.  We provide love, spirituality and support to each other.  Mission Heart began in 2000 with the vision to provide a spiritual and safe living environment for women in crisis. It started with the house known as Mission Heart Station, and then quickly grew to include Hope Villa.

Women come to Mission Heart from all walks of life.  Most ladies arrive from our local community.  The residents cooperate to keep a clean, welcoming home. Not only do our women grow spiritually, but also as a family, becoming lifelong friends.  Our women act as accountability partners, i.e. holding one another accountable.

Weekly activities include Bible study, church, and 12-step meetings. The women of Mission Heart are urged to be active in the community.  Mission Heart can help change your life. Please contact us. We want to help.

What is a Halfway or Three-Quarter House?

A three quarter way house is a supervised and structured living environment for persons reentering their communities. These houses are often referred to as a drug free residence, group home, 12 step house, recovery residence, or sober living community. After completing treatment for drugs, alcohol or other addictions, most clients are referred to a structured house. Some clients have recently experienced short-term incarceration or homelessness. This is an environment with curfew and rules that helps someone in the transition back to independent living. Clients may be referred to such a house or decide for themselves that they need a safe place to live. So residents may come from rehabilitation, 28 day treatment, extended stay in treatment, courts, detox, or directly from jail.  Clients may stay from months to well over a year while they adjust and find stability in their lifestyle.  Court or probation monitoring and reporting can be a part of a house contract and is supported by staff and volunteers.

Current Needs List

  • Pillow
  • Twin sheet set
  • Twin blanket and spread/comforter
  • Life recovery Bible
  • Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss
  • Note of encouragement from you

Mission Heart is in need of 1 or 2 resident care packages weekly. Please let friends, family, co-workers and other organization know.

Contact Ms. Nita at (225) 715-4348 for drop-off address or additional information.